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We are based in Braintree, Essex and offer free delivery within a 10 mile radius of Rayne Road, Braintree, Essex, 10 to 15 miles we charge between £10-£15 for delivery, 15 miles to 20 miles we charge £15-£20 for delivery.

Delivery and Collection Times will be made at the time of booking. Booking and Delivery times are taken on a 1st come 1st served basis, although we will do our best to meet your needs. Normally the delivery and collection time is between 8am – 7pm in summer months and 9am 6pm through autumn and winter. If you require the unit later, this can be arranged but you will incur an additional fee.

There must be sufficient access to the property. No castles will be taken over fences, walls, etc. Equipment may be taken through the house but there must be a clear route. No liability will be excepted for any damage caused from equipment being taken through the premises.

Castles situated outdoors need to be a reasonable flat grassy area (slight slopes are OK) so that they can be staked down. The area needs to be completely free of any sharp stones, objects, excessive mud or dog mess. If the delivery staff have to wait while you prepare the site, or if the site is unsuitable, we reserve the right to cancel or delay the booking.

Our castles are also suitable for hall use, although it is your responsibility that the castle fits, in particular the height.

The castles need 2 ft clear each side, and 4ft at the back and enough space at the front to be able to get on an off.

Any equipment on hard standings MUST be made aware at the time of booking.

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